Sunday, November 4, 2012

Greetings, scholars! 

The great Czech composer, Antonin Dvorak, loved his family, homeland, and music; He also loved trains! Remember our train words for quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes? Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Locomotive, Locomotive! For half notes, we say SLOW and for whole notes, we say LONG!

Path to the Moon (by Eric Thiman) lyrics:
I long to sail a path to the moon
On a deep, blue night when the wind is cool.
A glist'ning path that runs out to sea;
Silver the sails to carry me.
To carry, carry, carry me over the sea.

So will I sail on a starry night,
On a path to the moon, a seabird's flight.
Skimming the waves where the fishes play;
Traveling on for many a day.
Silver the sails to carry me.
To carry, carry, carry me over the sea.

   Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi, nicknamed the Red Priest (There is red hair under that powdered wig!), enjoyed writing sonnets (14-line poems) that would allow him to compose beautiful music with fascinating effects. Here is the sonnet we read and listened to in class last week:

Autumn – Concerto in F Major - from The Four Seasons
The peasant celebrates with song and dance the harvest safely
gathered in.
The cup of Bacchus (fermented cider?) flows freely, and many find their relief
in deep slumber.

Adagio molto
The singing and the dancing die away
as cooling breezes fan the pleasant air,
inviting all to sleep
without a care.

The hunters emerge at dawn,
ready for the chase,
with horns and dogs and cries.
Their quarry flees while they give chase.
Terrified and wounded, the prey struggles on,
but, harried, dies.

Here is a recording of Vivaldi's Autumn

Autumn Leaves by Sir John Everett Millais


Make a drawing of autumn or a moonlight sail and bring it to share with your classmates next Saturday!

 Alas, please remember to bring a spiral-bound sketch pad and spiral-bound staff paper notebook to class every Saturday with colored pencils for drawing and a sharpened black pencil for music notation.

15th century German manuscript on vellum (animal skin) for the musical instructions of nuns and their students 

I'll say good-bye as I wave the Guidonian hand!

Thank you,
Mrs. Dike